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This is an opportunity to be part of a marketing initiative designed specially for premium brand businesses in the Cotswolds. The website is just the start of innovative approaches to promote the upmarket appeal of the English Cotswolds to the global marketplace. Plans for the future include seasonal campaigns, complementary product collaborations and competitions to keep consumers visiting the site on a regular basis. Get involved now and secure your place as one of the finest of the Cotswolds!
  • Functionality & Style - the website is designed to reflect and compliment the premium businesses it promotes.
  • Exposure - englishcotswolds.com will feature on the first page of Google for several key Cotswold searches within 12 months of launch, attracting thousands to the site each day.
  • Quality - englishcotswolds.com will only feature the very finest Cotswold businessses, which offer premium quality to the discerning consumer.
  • Premium Marketing - we will position your business as an upmarket company in the Cotswolds with an online presence to target thousands of potential customers.
  • Services - to showcase your business professionally and keep your online information up to date we offer copy writing, content management and photography services.
  • Clarity - the website is elegantly simple and easy to navigate, making it extremely user friendly.
  • Buzz - regular updates on Cotswold events and news will keep englishcotswolds.com fresh and ever changing with something new always in evidence to maintain browsers' interest and encourage repeat visits.
  • Trip Planner - an online itinerary tool allows visitors to plan, save and print their detailed Cotswold trips.
  • Security & Control - featured businesses are able to access and update their englishcotswold.com profiles through a secure and easy to use member's login process.
  • FREE Trial - to demonstrate the marketing power of our innovative website and exciting services we are offering businesses a 3 month free trial, with no obligation.
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