Trip Planner

Trip Planner allows you to create, save & print your very own itinerary for your perfect Cotswold visit.

Instructions: For instructions on how to use Trip Planner to create your very own Cotswold itinerary click here

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When you see a Trip Planner button next to a business, event or activity, click it to add it to your itinerary.


View your Trip Planner itinerary by clicking the View Trip Planner button in the top right corner of your screen.


Click the cross button to remove any itinerary items or continue to browse the website and add more.


Print your completed Trip Planner itinerary by simply clicking the Print My Itinerary button.


Save your Trip Planner itinerary by clicking the Save My Itinerary button and entering your email address.

View My Itinerary

To view a previously saved itinerary, enter your email address and click the View My Itinerary button below.

Saved a Trip Planner itinerary? To view it enter your email address here:

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Trip Planner